Online Casino Payout Percentages Explained

November 26, 2013
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The software at any of today’s fully licensed online casinos is frequently monitored by independent organisations such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) and also by a non-profit online casino testing agency known as eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

These organisations basically test individual games and then release their findings usually once per month. They will work out how much a casino has taken throughout any given month and they will also reveal how much of that cash has been returned to the players as winnings. This figure then accurately reveals an average RTP %.

Therefore if the slot machines have an average 96.50% RTP, it means that out of the total amount of money spent by players on the slot machines, 96.50% of ALL those wagers will be returned to the players as winnings and this means that the casino will pocket 3.50% as revenue/profit.

If the players have wagered $/€/£5,000,000 throughout the month on slots and these slots which have paid back 96.50% as winnings, the casino will return a total of $/€/£4,825,000 and it will keep $/€/£175,000.

You will find that the average RTP % at any of today’s most reputable online casinos should very rarely drop below 93.00% and it generally reaches as much as 98.00%. Several online casinos have even recorded a much higher RTP %, sometimes in the region of 100%+, which is great news for players. It doesn’t guarantee you are more likely to win, but your chances are definitely slightly better than playing in a casino with a much lower average RTP %.

You will find that the RTP % is calculated for individual games, but also for individual game categories. For example, the Video Pokers might have an average 96.48%, the Slot Games might have an average 95.43%, the Table Games might have an average 96.20% and for All Games, this RTP% might be 95.55%. These statistics are constantly monitored and they are likely to fluctuate throughout the year at each casino.

Although some players will only play at online casinos with a high RTP %, it doesn’t always mean that they will win. As long as you only play in casinos with an average RTP of 93.00% or greater and not in ones that are less than 93.00%, you should be fine. All of the casinos which we have reviewed and recommended on this site have consistently proven to have 93.00% RTP or greater.

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